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TrustLaw firms, like attorneys, are not all created equal.  Like people, firms have different philosophies, personalities, and customs, which guide their day-to-day operations and practices.  Attorneys vary widely by experience and skill.  At the Law Firm of Matthew J. Kluger, our practice is guided by three core beliefs - Service, Reputation, and Results.  

Meaningful service is understanding the specific needs and personality of our clients and providing practical solutions to real-life problems.  It is doing everything in our power and within the boundaires of the law to alleviate the concerns of people facing serious legal challenges.  Issues of life, liberty, and justice are not something to be taken lightly, and no one understands this better then us.  An arrest can be a traumatic, frightening and embarrassing experience.  In addition to knowing the law and advocating for our clients, a good lawyer must wear many hats: therapist, social worker, friend.  At the Law Office of Matthew J. Kluger, we understand this.  Matt Kluger has the experience, skill, and personality to get you through this difficult time.  If you know Matt, you know this already.  Contact us, we can help.

The needs and desires of our clients are as varied as their cases themselves.  The law rarely provides a "one size fits all" solution.  Different clients and different cases require different skills and approaches to resolve.  While one individual may want a trial, another may seek to avoid risk and minimize litigation costs by settling or accepting a favorable plea deal.  Knowing the law and your options only comes with years of experience and continuing legal study.  Experience allows us to quickly assess the unique circumstances, needs, and personality of our clients and custom tailor the best results for you and your case.  

People often ask what makes one attorney better than another.  Besides experience and skill, the answer is simple, reputation.  Reputation breeds credibility, and credibility yields results.  Reputation saves time and avoids waste.  Here's the truth, in the legal profession, reputation is everything.  New York City is big, but the legal community is surprisingly small.  Like respect, reputation is not a right, it must be earned over time.  Matthew J. Kluger has earned his reputation over years of aggressive, no-nonsense, honest advocacy.  He has earned it representing hundreds of clients at trial and at the bargaining table.  With his straight-forward, prepared, and knowledgable approach, Matt Kluger has earned the respect of prosecutors, judges and defense attorneys alike.  Respect, credibility, and reputation translate to results you can trust. 

At the Law Office of Matthew J. Kluger, we are guided by these principles everyday.  Service, Reputation, and Results; qualities that can only be earned.